The Law Office of
Karolyn M. Domini, P.C.
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The Law Office of Karolyn M. Domini, P.C. is a small caring law practice, specializing in real estate conveyancing, personal injury, business law, general contract, small claims and personal service matters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We take particular pride in listening to the needs our clients. The firm's culture and organization is based on a team oriented approach and outstanding client support and service.
Our goal is to develop long term client relationships.


  • Real Estate

The firm focuses on the representation of buyers and sellers dealing with and working on residential real estate matters. All closings, purchases and refinance transactions are always conducted by an experienced attorney and attention to detail is our utmost priority. Regardless of the scope of representation or the magnitude of the transaction, our staff works with our clients to assist them throughout the transaction and ensure a smooth closing and experience. 

  • Personal Injury

If you've been in an accident, no matter what kind of injury is involved, suffering a personal injury of any type is always unsettling and very often it is unique to the individual client. We understand the importance of listening to your questions and concerns during a traumatic and emotional time. If you choose to have us handle your case, you will have a personal and professional legal advocate on your side. You will never be “just another file,” and your personal needs will be met.

  • Business Law & Contracts/Transactions
Our firm can help with the formation of all corporations including business corporations, professional corporations and non-profit corporations, limited liability corporations and limited liability partnerships.  We can also help to obtain a federal tax identification number. 

Contracts are a fact of life and, like it or not, many individuals and businesses enter into contracts on a daily basis without knowing the full scope and ramifications of the agreements. More often than not there are no disputes, but it only takes one contractual dispute to realize that a properly drafted, unambiguous contract could have avoided the dispute or tipped the scale in your favor.
We will negotiate and prepare documentation that clearly and properly reflects your understanding of the transaction to protect your interests. 

  • Personal Services
Each client's personal services are a delicate matter and our attorneys handle them with the utmost care and concern down to the smallest of detail.

.....A Will is a document in which you specify how you want your property and assets to be distributed upon death. 

.....A Durable Power of Attorney gives authority to another person (your “Attorney-in-Fact”) to manage your finances and pay your bills if you are unable to do so. 

.....A Health Care Proxy gives authority to another person to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make your wishes known to your doctors and other health care professionals.
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